The Vox Opinion team has developed extensive expertise in marketing research project design and management.

Areas of expertise


Be it for maintenance or sales, evaluating customer service is a major issue for the automotive industry. Telephone and web surveys are both highly effective measurement tools for this purpose.

The main aspects surveyed are reliability, the quality of repairs, customer service, the likelihood of purchasing the brand again, and loyalty.

Given today’s highly competitive retail market, many businesses turn to Vox Opinion to measure many aspects of customer service. Both telephone and web surveys are used for these studies.

In the retail sector, integrated voice response (IVR) tools can also be useful to confirm deliveries, for example. In fact, Vox Opinion makes hundreds of thousands of calls per year to confirm that customers have received the products they ordered. In addition to IVR, emails and text messages can also be used. Retail is the sector where we conduct the most market studies.

Many mandates have been carried out in the media sector, whether to evaluate audience ratings or the appreciation level for programming (radio and television), magazines or newspapers. Telephone surveys are primarily used for audience ratings, while web surveys are generally preferable to measure the graphic layout aspects of magazines and newspapers.

Vox Opinion has also conducted both phone and web surveys of music pieces. Our technology allows audio clips to be played during a telephone interview, which in turn enables respondents to provide a spontaneous impression of the piece. Likewise, web surveys are ideal to measure videos or graphics.

The vast majority of the mandates conducted for the various levels of governments involve measuring citizens’ satisfaction with the services they receive and their likelihood of using new services. Telephone and web surveys are used most often for these purposes.

Vox Opinion has developed telephone interview expertise among health professionals for market studies on new medications or satisfaction with specific medications.

Vox Opinion also works extensively in the animal health sector. The translation of specialized questionnaires for animal health as well as interviews with veterinarians are the services used most often.

Whether for election campaigns or during a government’s mandate, Vox Opinion carries out numerous studies for political parties at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

Telephone surveys are among the tools most widely employed for data gathering. Web surveys are also frequently used, due to their ease of deployment. In addition, political parties often use Vox Opinion IVR automated call solutions during election campaigns.

Vox Opinion serves many clients in the banking sector. For almost five years, we have conducted customer service quality surveys among Francophone customers of Canada’s largest chartered bank. Telephone surveys are primarily used in the financial services sector.

Since its founding, Vox Opinion has conducted all of the marketing research for a major Canadian telecommunications corporation. The main activities we carry out are the evaluation of market share, customer satisfaction with the services used, the likelihood of adding services, the assessment of new services, and the positioning of competitors.

Telephone and web surveys as well as integrated voice response (IVR) tools are the methods used for these mandates.

Private businesses, non-profit organizations and municipalities often mandate Vox Opinion to conduct studies (market, places of tourists’ origin, and likelihood of travel/attendance). We also measure satisfaction and offer the mystery customer method of evaluation.

These studies are conducted via telephone and web surveys as well as in person.

In this sector, Vox Opinion services are primarily used for delivery confirmation via integrated voice response (IVR) for both outgoing and incoming calls. Our interfaces enable customers to communicate with our automated systems and learn the delivery times for the products they have ordered.

Customer satisfaction measurement is also a service we offer in this sector, via both telephone and web surveys.