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Our methods


Web surveys are increasingly sought after by managers because such surveys deliver a number of clear advantages, including:

  • the possibility of asking complex questions;
  • an easy and secure process;
  • the need for just a simple Internet connection to respond to a survey;
  • a high degree of flexibility (respondents can complete the questionnaire at the time that suits them best);
  • immediate compilation of results.

Vox Opinion uses this tool particularly for employee surveys and for studies on subjects that would be difficult to examine via any other method.

Telephone surveys At Vox Opinion, we operate our own automated telephone system, which features the latest technology. This enables us to conduct all telephone surveys while maintaining strict control over the survey methodology.

Our technology allows us to manage even the most complex survey questionnaires. It also permits questionnaires in multiple languages, the random selection of questions, real-time results, and the management of samples.

In certain situations, personal interviews can be used to examine a subject in greater depth. Interview grids are used to standardize the information gathered from respondents.

Survey on Android phones or tablets.

You have an activity and would like to conduct interviews at the event. We’ve got just what you need.

An Internet connection is not required during interviews, but data is synchronized with the central database as soon as a wireless network is available. Data is compiled automatically, giving you instant access to your results.

As experts in our industry, we make more than one million IVR calls on behalf of our clients each year. This method, deployed by Vox Opinion since 2009, is highly sought after for its effectiveness. It is comprised of two components.

Firstly, our systems can communicate, using automation, with a sample of respondents and transmit a message inviting them to complete a survey using the keys on their phone.

Secondly, respondents can communicate with our systems, identify themselves with a specific number, and answer the questionnaire.

This method is used to measure the quality of service delivered by an organization’s employees. It is widely employed by the retail industry and other businesses seeking to improve their customer service, and in doing so, their sales. This type of investigation can be done by phone supported by a recording, or via the traditional method, i.e. in person.

A focus group, like a personal interview, is a qualitative research method. It allows us to closely examine a target group’s perceptions and behaviours with respect to a particular subject.

Vox Opinion can handle the:

  • preparation of questionnaires for participant selection;
  • recruitment of participants;
  • design and preparation of interview grids;
  • facilitation of the focus groups (all of our facilitators have extensive experience);
  • analysis of focus group content;
  • audio and video recording of the group;
  • management of participant lists and compensation;
  • data analysis and production of reports.