Effectiveness is our trademark.

The team at Vox Opinion offers a range of highly diversified services to provide you with the project that best responds to your needs.

Our services


Vox Opinion regularly conducts opinion polls, whether among the general population or target groups. It’s a simple, proven method that provides access to   timely information.

Our specialists guide you through each step of the process: evaluation of your needs, creation and production of survey questionnaires, sampling, coding, data collection, data analysis, presentation and recommendations.

We offer the following types of surveys:

  • Telephone surveys
  • Web surveys
  • Integrated voice response (IVR) surveys
  • Person-to-person surveys
  • Focus groups

Please consult the  Methods  section of our website for more information on the tools and technology we use.

Businesses spend a great deal of time and money in their quest to deliver excellent customer service. Is there a way to measure the return on your investment? How can you be sure that your efforts are paying off? How do your customers view the service you provide?

Vox Opinion has a variety of methods to help you answer these questions. Many of the mandates we conduct involve gauging customers’ perceptions of the quality of service they receive or measuring the impact of specific changes made.

We now offer a specific service for retirement homes.

Are you seeking reliable information about your product, service or market? Would you like to develop a marketing or business strategy?

We offer end-to-end market studies as well as any individual components that you may require: a preliminary evaluation of your needs, an estimate of the data to collect, research, writing, presentation, recommendations. Each case is different, so please contact us to discuss your project.

Are you seeking to analyze large volumes of data? If you have questionnaires, do you need a data entry interface to enable you to quickly conduct the statistical compilation of your results?

Our tools enable you to perform this task yourself via a simple Internet connection. You’ll avoid investing in expensive software, and the process is easy to learn. Our efficient data entry interface keeps input errors to a minimum and produces results quickly. What more do you need?

Are you lacking the personnel you need to compile your results? We can help you.