Vox Opinion is growing!

Trois-Rivières firm Vox Opinion today proudly inaugurates its new offices on Boulevard Jean XXIII in Trois-Rivières. In fact, the company is doubling its facilities from 50 to 100 work stations and in doing so is increasing its production capacity.

This significant investment by Vox Opinion has been prompted by the strong demand for its research and automated call services. Indeed, the company is aiming to double its staff in the coming year, with plans to create 50 new positions.

Jean Laroche, President and CEO of Vox Opinion, explains how the decision was made: “Prior to opting to invest in Trois-Rivières, we studied a number of alternatives, including opening a call centre in the Montreal area or acquiring an existing firm. After much consideration, we decided to continue our development efforts in Trois-Rivières, primarily because of the city’s large and highly-skilled workforce.”

Vox Opinion stands apart through its expertise in francophone marketing research. “We make language quality a priority, which draws clients to us from across Canada. This facet of our activities attracts a prestigious national and international clientele who are seeking to research the French Canadian market,” adds Mr. Laroche.

In addition to offering automated call services, Vox Opinion conducts opinion polls, customer service quality measurement initiatives and market studies and also offers many other customized tools and services It currently employs about 50 people at its Trois-Rivières site. Among its clients are a number of telecommunications, banking, pharmaceutical, retail and media companies.


Information: Jean Laroche


819.377.5757, ext. 300

Photos available: http://goo.gl/hxg5HW

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