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No public surveys are being conducted at this time. We invite you to check again later. Vox Opinion is currently conducting public opinion polls.

Confidentiality statement

Vox Opinion thanks you for taking part in its marketing research surveys. We do not attempt to sell or promote products or services of any kind. We are interested in your opinions. The answers you provide will remain confidential unless you have consented otherwise. In rare cases where we request permission to transfer data in a format that allows you to be personally identified, we ensure that the information is used only for the described purposes.

We will not send you unsolicited emails, and we will not transmit your email address for any other purposes. As with all types of marketing research and opinion polls, your involvement is always voluntary. We will not ask you for any personal information without your prior understanding and approval. At any time during or after the interview process, you have the right to ask that the interview file be destroyed in whole or in part, and we will accommodate your request whenever this can reasonably and feasibly be done.

We use cookies and other similar technologies to a limited extent and only for the purposes of quality control, validation and prevention of repetitive and bothersome surveys. You can configure your browser to alert you when cookies are placed on your system. You can also remove cookies by adjusting your browser settings. We will automatically capture information about your browser type for the sole purpose of ensuring the interview format is compatible with your software. Our website includes security measures to prevent the loss, misuse or modification of the data under our control. Only certain employees have access to the information you provide, and these employees may only access the data for analysis or quality control purposes.

Please contact us if you encounter any problems with this survey. You can also find more information about us at www.voxopinion.com. We are a member of the MARKETING RESEARCH AND INTELLIGENCE ASSOCIATION, and we adhere to its Code of Conduct in all of the market studies we carry out.